On balance in your photography

I’ve got an intern, she’s starting in a couple of weeks and she’ll be learning the way of the warrior during the month of June.

I just sent her an email with a few questions like her choice of gear and editing software; I also asked her about her interest and views on photography. I’d like to know what she wants to photograph commercially and what she likes to photograph at a personal level. I want to know where her balance is.

This balance is very important for any working professional photographer as we don’t want to burn out doing only one thing all the time. We grow as photographers and creatives from things that we do outside of our niche.

I think is a very good thing to have a niche, to be dedicated to an area of photography. But also, I believe it is very important to have a personal portfolio in photography, something we do just for fun and pleasure with no links to any monetized outcome and no commercial pressure.

In my case, I do portraiture, street photography and fine art. At least once a month I try to get something either with a model and a makeup artist or stylist or get out there and shoot what interests me from everyday life.  I have a separate Instagram account for this: @xavogram so the photography doesn’t clash with my professional work.

At the same time. the mindset is different, for mental health purposes is good to have something that takes us away from the stress of work no matter how much we love what we do. Being a freelance photographer is fucking hard!

Have you got balance in your photography? How do you deal with not burning out as a photographer? Let me know in the comments below and please share this if you think someone can benefit from it.

2 thoughts on “On balance in your photography

  1. Photography is not my job, it’s my pastime and interest, I love it. It distracts me from my teaching job, cos I’m always looking around for things to take pictures of, I go on lots of courses cos I like learning and like to meet other people. I know a professional photographer who told me he never has time to be creative. What a shame. I think we should always try to put a lot of time aside to do what we really love doing – life is too short.

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    1. Hi Jill, indeed, a shame that your friend has no time to enjoy his creative process. There’s always time to do the things that we like, the hardest I think is committing to that. Glad you enjoy photography as a pass time!


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