On getting an Instagram ban

If you’re following me on Instagram, you surely know that I was on a 7-day ban for using a bot that appears to be illegal according to their guidelines. Ok, I confess, guilty! I’ve been using a bot but there is a good reason for it: time efficiency!

I was subscribed to a bot called Robolike. basically, the way it works is you enter a certain number of tags or keywords that you are interested in and set a time of operation for the bot and what this does is automatic liking on posts with such tags for the time that you set it up for.

The bot doesn’t post any comments or replies so there is no spamming from your account, it’s only an automatic liking tool at a rate of 1 like per minute and it’s recommended that you don’t do any organic liking while the bot is operating. The purpose of all this would be to increase the user’s number of followers and interactions, therefore, rank highly in the algorithm.

Now, my reason for subscribing to this bot wasn’t to grow my following or gain attention. Instead, I saw it as an alternative to be constantly present and active on social media doing the things I don’t like to do about it.

To be honest, I  have way more interesting things to do during the day than being stuck to a phone screen. According to the app, I spend an average of 45 minutes on Instagram daily. That’s still a lot to me but it has to be done.

Obviously, I must have done some liking or commenting while the bot was running and I got blocked for 7 days!

The funny thing is that during those seven days I gained more followers than when I had the bot active.

I’ve cancelled Robolike since then, I’m keeping all my interactions organic and currently, I’m going through ALL the accounts I follow and tidying up my wall.

Has something like this happened to you before? Do you use any bots to boost your socials? Let me know in the comments.



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