Film: A Failure of the Imagination

Since opening its doors in 2015 until the very last service this summer, I had the privilege and honor to document the life and work of the UK’s first zero-waste restaurant, SILO.


The restaurant (recently moved to London) is the brainchild of chef Douglas McMaster whose vision is to innovate and transform the food industry basically by reducing their waste and cutting the middle-man from their suppliers.

Wait a sec, I’ll leave my point of view of the story of Silo for another time.

This time, I want to share the work of a very talented filmmaker called Matt Hopkins who spent about the same time as me documenting the restaurant and Doug’s mission. The end result has just seen the light and its called A Failure of the Imagination

Silo, Brighton

The project In Matt’s own words:

I first met Douglas around 5 years ago after stumbling upon his restaurant on a Saturday morning.  His passion, creativity and sheer determination were infectious and we immediately went about making a film.   In those early stages we captured Douglas’ vision and energy, but found it difficult to show quite how challenging it was to run Silo and create a zero waste food system.  It never felt like were telling the full story which led to the decision to keep filming over an extended period to try and capture the depth of the project as a whole. 

The film was finished after 4 years of continuous shooting at different stages and under plenty of challenging conditions and now you can see the end result:

A Failure of the Imagination from ENGLAND your ENGLAND on Vimeo.

I’m incredibly thankful to Matt for asking to use my work to illustrate his vision of the story. I love what you’ve done, man!

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