My Biggest Fear Just Happened!

So it happened, my biggest fear, well one of many but probably the worse and the most embarrassing. I thought that was the end of me, the end of my business and that I would never ever be hired again as a professional food photographer.

Those who know me say that I come across as a very confident and fearless fella, I think that comes from those who know me and like me; maybe they’re right. But, those who know me at a personal level know about my fears and doubts and everything that scares me like being left alone with a group of strangers for example or the constant fear that wakes me up at night, most likely during a quiet period of work or in between jobs where I overthink that my business is dying out and I will be out of work. Or the more common bad dream where I’m the middle of a job and something goes wrong with the gear.

WEB-Bayou Bar-12.jpg

Just the other day I turned up to a shoot with a client; set up the lighting and all the scenes; gave the thumbs up to go and when I picked the camera up, it’s dead!

All day I had the feeling that something wasn’t right and it was until that precise moment that I realised I left the battery in the charger, at home… What an idiot!

Bayou Bar

Until that point in time, I’ve been incredibly organized and disciplined. I’ve even told off the current wife when she’s rushing in the morning that every night before going to bed she should prepare for the next day. I have a checklist of things I need for each client, I’ve been doing this consistently for 6 years but then and there in front of the client it doesn’t really matter because I fucked up.

You always read and hear all these stories about gear going wrong or breaking or photographers misplacing stuff on their bags and you never think it will happen to you. Nothing prepares you for a situation like that but hey, we’re human after all.

WEB-Bayou Bar-26.jpg

It wasn’t the end of the world; Thankfully, I always carry a compact camera with me to document random stuff and to get a couple of behind the scene pictures. I never thought to use this camera for a job but it was that or nothing. So the shoot went on and I have to say, the little Sony RX100 III did an amazing job as you can see from these images.

Lesson learnt the hard way. Since then, I’m waking up in the middle of the night to make sure everything is in place and working. I can live with that but not with the shame of turning up and not being able to shoot.

What is your biggest fear? let me know in the comments below.

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