While I was away

Hey, I’m back!

Excuse my lack of posts. If you have been following me on Instagram you’ve seen that I had a crazy busy start of the year, went away for half of January and then came back to a few more crazy busy days.

I’ve got so much on lined up that I want to do and achieve and so much work coming my way that writing for this space becomes one of those things with less priority. I don’t schedule posts in advance, I just write stuff as it comes to my mind and as I get stories to tell.

This time, I want to share these photos from Teotihuacan. On our recent trip to Mexico, we were lucky to have a day’s tour organized to the pyramids (technically, they are not pyramids since they don’t have a pointy top) with guests from the wedding we were invited to.

I didn’t shoot as much I’d like but that’s OK because I was spending time with the current wife and catching up with friends which I grew up with and haven’t spoken to for ages! But still, I got a few quick snaps and wanted to show the archaeological site from my point of view.

Urban Photography

If you’ve never been to Teotihuacan, the first thing that impresses you the most is the size of the ruins and the length of the city.

We’re so lucky we still can climb up the Pyramid since many of these archaeological sites are now being closed for climbing, exploring and touching.

The climb looks pretty easy from the distance.

Urban Photography

But you don’t realize how steep those steps are until you start climbing.

Urban Photography

The way down is much more interesting!

Urban Photography

Urban Photography

Urban Photography

As we walked the 2km from the Sun pyramid to the moon Pyramid, a friend asked if I was going to do a Steve McCurry when he spotted me taking this picture.

Urban Photography

And I did! Thanks to photoshop I got rid of ALL the people in this shot except for the vendor to the right which I kept for size and proportion reference. (If you don’t know what I mean, Steve McCurry was accused of heavily “photoshopping” his photos in order to make them more striking and artistic)

Funny enough, I’ve read a few articles about Steve McCurry and the bad reputation that follows his photography. Most recently, this one on the Afgan girl , and this one on his photoshopped images from India.  Looks like Google is listening to my conversations and decides to give me something to read about on the subject.

If you want my opinion, I’ve never been a fan of McCurry’s work. In my eye, it feels forced, staged and lacking of soul and cojones.

Anyways, It’s Tuesday and I’ve got therapy with the band. I’ll start sharing posts more regularly. If there’s anything you want me to write about, help you with on your photography or want to know, please drop me a line.

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