A good job will never be cheap

“A cheap job will never be good.

A quick job may be cheap but never good.

“A good job will never be quick, nor cheap”

These words were scribbled on a board with a Sharpie on big bold letters visible to everyone at a friend’s guitar workshop. He’s a luthier, one hell of a guitar player and one of Mexico’s most respected specialist in his craft.

During my teens, I spent a lot of time in his workshop absorbing as much as I could about everything he did and said. For whatever reason, he made a lot more sense than many of the adults around me during that time including my dad.

Those words scribbled on the board came back to me years later when I started getting inquiries. I wish I had a workshop or an office where people walk in with the idea of getting cheap and quick photography in their head and the first thing they see is that notice.

I bet most freelancers out there know the feeling when an inquiry asking for a cheap, quick and good job comes in.

That’s why I think is important to educate our customers and let them know that they’re dealing with a professional who is all about the quality of the work produced. I used to waste a lot of time explaining why a good job will never be quick and cheap, now I only reply with the quote mentioned above and like Morpheus in The Matrix, I ask them to make the right choice.

Now, there are many different levels of work that you can do as a creative freelancer but most important, make sure you are comfortable with what you are asked for. Make a board with the quote if you need to and please, please, please, make sure you are getting paid enough and you are happy with the quote.