Life in times of Coronavirus

Hey, hope everyone is safe out there.

I don’t even know how to start this post, life got busy since my last post with pictures from Frida’s house and a couple of weeks later, everything stopped. I don’t think anyone was prepared for this.

We are safe here in Brighton and at home. The current wife is working from home, I’m pretending to work from home as I don’t know what to do with myself. At the moment I’m still doing a few jobs shooting takeaway menus and flat-lays for Deliveroo for a very reduced fee to support the industry that feeds me but I’m aware that everything might stop suddenly.

Staying home for as much as we can is our priority since we believe is the safest, smartest and fastest way to tackle the epidemy. Probably we won’t make a difference but if everyone reading this agrees with this, maybe we can all make a difference, keep our community safe and get on with our lives as soon as possible.

About that, I’ve been chatting to friends in town that are working from home and with fellow freelancers that have stopped working. We all agree that maybe our times are changing and maybe we will realize that the current system we live in has failed.

Perhaps we can spend less time working like slaves for things that have no meaning in our lives. Luxury, fancy holidays and expensive shit is not what we should be working our asses for but time in our hands. Time to spend with our friends and family, time to do things that really make us happy and make us human. What do you think?

 On a personal level, the current wife is super stressed and worried. She doesn’t like uncertainty and she can’t cope with the idea of not being able to plan anything ahead. She’s also confused about working from home as she doesn’t have to jump on the corporate wagon every day.

Like her, many are challenged to change their lifestyles and they’re finding that they’re much more productive working from home… sounds to me like the future!

On the other hand, I’m much more relaxed, the way I see it, there’s nothing in our hands that can change the situation we are in. I’m keeping my spirit high and just taking it one day at a time.

I blame it on my Mexican blood to never give up and make the best out of the shittiest situation. We survive earthquakes, volcano eruptions and hurricanes nearly every other day so we have a way of staying strong.

Only time will tell what’s gonna be of us. Stay safe and healthy, drink lots of water, (a Mezcal a day for that warrior spirit helps) do some exercise, keep the body moving, eat as healthy as you can and read loads, this is the perfect time to put the phone down and to nurture the mind.

Tell me, how are getting on with this madness?

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