Life in times of Coronavirus II

It’s week 3 of the quarantine here in the U.K. and I just wanted to stay in touch and give you an update of what I’ve been up to these days and how I’m dealing with all this time in my hands.

But first, let me just say that I don’t want to patronise anyone with how you should or shouldn’t be doing with your time; I’m aware that it might be a very difficult time right now for many of you financially, psychologically, emotionally and even socially so take this post as a simple distraction from whatever is bothering you right now.

At a personal level, This is the best that could have happened to me; let me explain: I’m an introvert so spending time alone-ish (the current wife is around working from the dining room) is a real luxury.

Since I became a freelance photographer I’ve been training myself to become A LOT more sociable and have an interest in others. It’s working well so far since I’ve met incredible people along the way but now, thanks to this massive break I feel my mind and spirit are fully rested and relaxed.

At a professional level, man do I miss work!!

The last shoots I did were 2 weeks ago for a bakery, a fishmonger and an Italian takeaway here in Brighton. All for their home-delivery service on their website:


For the last week, I spent most of my time tidying up my website, gathering collections of photographs and going through those old files that you think “one day I’m going to use these” but I miss shooting so so much!

The creative bug is kicking in so this morning I decided to tidy up and set up a small space next to my bedroom window to start a still-life project. I’m terrified of still-life photography since I’ve never done it and I disliked still-lifes so much in art school… I should have paid attention instead. I’ll share some of these photos next time I check-in.

Occasionally I’d share a picture or two on both of my Instagram accounts (see the sidebar for both) but mostly I’m staying away from social media instead of trashing other people’s work or wasting my time wondering how valuable a like is. I’m reading loads and finding lots of new photographers and artists for inspiration and study purposes.

How are you dealing with the quarantine, are you finding it easy or is it a struggle for you? Feel free to get in touch if you need to reach out or just want to share a piece of mind. I’m here to listen.

Until next time.

3 thoughts on “Life in times of Coronavirus II

  1. Nice still-lifes (still-lives?), and I like the photo of the paper bag with the red door.
    Nice looking bread as well. I’ve been making my own and it’s disaster after disaster. At least I can eat my mistakes . . . .


    1. Thank you, Marcus, glad to read you like them. These aren’t the still life photos I was talking about, these were the last jobs I had during the initial part of the lockdown. Keep practicing and you’ll get there. I’ve got a very easy recipe if you want it.


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