Life in times of Coronavirus III

As I write this, I’m hearing the news that 30,000 people have died here in the UK from the virus; the highest number of deaths in Europe. That’s pretty scary and makes me put life into perspective; without getting into too much detail, this morning I went to do my weekly run to the shops and couldn’t help but noticed that people, in general, are not caring about the importance of staying home anymore and neither about keeping a safe distance while going out. We’ll see how things progress in the next few weeks but I’m not surprised we have the highest number of deaths over here.

In other news, the mood here at home has been up and down constantly. I start my week feeling super-motivated to get shit done and by Friday I’m wondering what’s the point of it all. I’m enjoying this isolation less and less by the weeks.

For a couple of weeks now, I stopped turning up at my desk at 9am sharp, I stopped prioritizing my productivity and stopped worrying about the future when it is not in my hands to control at the moment. This is not out of laziness but for sanity, Boredom has kicked in at times but I make it go away soon enough with a bit of excercise or guitar playing. I started spending more time reading books, reading blogs about photography, martial arts and history of art and going through old pictures. If this is what retirement is about, I’m definitely not up for it!

Also, started shooting still life pictures from my window based on and inspired by Josef Sudek’s work: 

The first couple of weeks were fun and exciting and I focused mostly on the effects of natural light through the window and the mood it creates rather in making sense of the scene. But like with mostly everything that I do, I get bored very quickly of things once they are not a challenge anymore so I started photographing random scenes from around the flat instead:

I’m trying to write more regularly here on the blog and will carry on doing for as long as I have the time and the ideas to do so. I hope you’re all staying safe. Until next time.

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